Sonne - Hotel & Gasthaus, Bahnhofstraße 22, 78567 Fridingen, Tel: +49 (0)7463 99440

about us

Welcome to „Hotel-Gasthof Sonne“ in Fridingen.


Established over 200 years ago and now managed by the fitfth generation of the original owning family,

the „Sonne“ has lost nothing of its likeable charm and attraction despite renovation and modernisation.


A pleasant family atmosphere greets you as a guest in „Hotel-Gasthof Sonne“,

situated directly on the cycle route of the Danube and amid the undisturbed nature of Lake Constance, Switzerland and the Black Forest.


We want you to feel at home with us whilst on your travels and enjoy the comfort and relaxed atmosphere for which the „Hotel-Gasthof Sonne“ is known.  Needless to say, quality and friendly attitude are part of our tradition for you to experience, whether you stay with us for a couple of hours or several days. This is our way of offering  you our hospitality.

The Hotel Gasthof Sonne is located  Bahnhofstrasse 22 in Fridingen